Centre of Technology and Innovation Excellence

Petroc is delighted to announce the opening of Cotie, Centre of Technology and Innovation Excellence.

Part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Cotie’s mission is to provide start-ups, micro and small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) access to a wide range of advanced technology-based facilities, all designed to nurture business growth and develop product ideas and concepts.

With shared-use laboratories housing the very latest 3D printing and design facilities, the Centre is the perfect setting for local entrepreneurs to hone concepts and develop ideas.

Petroc’s Principal Sean Mackney stated “we are delighted to unveil the brand new Cotie Innovation Launchpad today, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. Cotie has been built to inspire collaboration and creativity to local SME’s and micro-businesses. We look forward to welcoming individuals and businesses to the centre to take advantage of the wide range of advanced technology-based facilities available to develop and create ideas and concepts.”

Petroc’s Assistant Principal Commercial Rozz Algar, explained: “Many small to medium sized businesses don’t have the facilities or funds to enable them to get ideas off the ground. We hope that our Centre will open up new opportunities for them and break down some of the barriers that have currently been holding them back.”

We believe the Centre will encourage collaboration, promote the exchange of information between industries and create opportunities for small start-up ventures and ‘cottage industries’ to develop and grow through knowledge transfer partnerships.

Cotie will have strong links with the North Devon Enterprise Centre in Roundswell, led by Devon County Council to provide a collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs and small businesses, as part of a wider strategy to foster a culture of enterprise and innovation in the area.

Over the last 10 years, Petroc has implemented a variety of new build and refurbishment projects worth in excess of £20m, to create inspiring, modern and innovative teaching and learning environments for Petroc students, staff and the wider community and continues to play a pivotal role in economic prosperity for our region.

For further details and to book visit www.cotie.co.uk